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what is the best screenpack for an arcade?



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Depends really.

M.I.C.A has a very neo feeling to it. The first one is mainly Red Black and Blue, the second version is Pink Black and Lightblue and the final version is more or less a remake of the first one with more Blue elements.

M.E.S is based of the NES. In which there's a few Nintendo sprites and a very blocky theme to it. It comes with some stages pre-installed too.

S.M.E.S is (as you would guess) is based off the SNES. It's got a more vibrante and bouncy vibe to it. Also can have over 1.300+ characters in it.

Then there's bit Mugen which is based of the Atari systems. It's very simplstic and can't hold too many charaacters but that's the entire point.

Anyone one of these would be a good choice, though personally I would recommend the first M.I.C.A.

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