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[DC] Skies Of Arcadia


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I just started this not long ago. And it seems fun, douche villian, check, enemies that look ridiculous (like duck/penguin/prinny crossovers to me), awesome floating castles and music, check. So yeah, seems good. (this is from ryon below) I finished this game and its freaking epic. the storyline the story cheesy voice acting, the terror of the bad guy hunting you down as you run from him early on in the game, the air ship battles, the special moves. This is truely one of the best RPG's the dreamcast has ever had. Unfortunately I dont know how well the gamecube version fairs.
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the Gamecube one had extra content (such as bounties, special items etc.) at the cost of low quality music and sound. Fun fact about me though, did you know i've completed playthroughs of this game about 4-5 times (twice on the DC version and twice on the GC, i'm also on my 5th playthrough atm) and I think that shows how good this game is http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//biggrin.png .

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