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[DC] Elemental Gimmick Gear


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BRILLIANT, is all i have to say about this game, the art style and the way every thing is drawn and animated its so vibrant you can easily be drawn into the game. Originally this was suppose to be a Sega Saturn game but the system died before this could come out so they made it for Dreamcast, which is a good thing cause even though a majority of this game is played in 2D, with a similar to Final Fantasy style fashion the boss battles are in full 3D, and believe it or not in 2d or 3d the game plays the exact same. its amazing. when you explore areas you have "action fields" where you can walk around and kill monsters on the go, no random battles, then you have towns which are view since there only really seems to be 2, East and West. I dont remember how this game ends but i know it was a beautiful ending.
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