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Mortal Kombat 2 MUGEN - Final Version RELEASE!


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It's finally here! The Final Version of Mortal Kombat 2 MUGEN!! :D
Here's the changelog.
- Added all the MKII stuff from GLAM's Edit
- Fixed position and animation of new Friendship message
- Added Tremor, Skarlet, Emerald and Red Robin
- Added new stuff and fixes from the lastest edit by ShinSmoke
- New endings for Jade, Smoke and Noob Saibot
- Added Boss Mode of Shang Tsung (LeoCobainJr's Edit)
- Added new Pit II Other Side by ShinSmoke
- Fixes on Hornbuckle and Reptile

More details and credits in the "README - CREDITS.txt"

Thanks a lot fellas for the patience and support. Next days i'll post the Playthrough of the new kombatents and my Supreme Demonstration of the game.

Hope you all enjoy it. TOASTY!

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