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LLENN B-DAY and request.


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LLENN B-DAY and request.

Wishing LLENN a happy birthday today on 4/20 (MLG)! Also an idea for making LLENN into a MUGEN character. Putting the idea out there (like what I said with "Hyperdimension Neptunia" characters). since she has sprites from DBFC Ignition and sounds as well. Although in that she was only an assist so possibly JUS to make things simple. Also, I have LLENN sprites from SAO Memory Defrag (bringing in the idea of MD characters in mugen though their sprite work is all in body parts... but just a thought), and sounds as well if anyone wants me to link them. Thanks everyone in MFFA, and have a good night!

y5rra82fonl01.png Something I did in my spare time. :3

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