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[DC] Resident Evil Code Veronica


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Resident Evil Code Veronica, Follows the story of Claire Redfield 3 months after the Raccon City incident, Claire was looking for some info regarding her older brother Chris Redfield when she was captured and sent to Rockford Island, a prison owned by Umbrella.

Shortly after her arrival, all hell breaks loose and a zombie epidemic happens on the prison, she escapes the holding cell and later meets up with Steve Burnside, The two must now find a way off the island prison, what they dont know is there being watched by the caretaker of the island Alfred Ashford.

This game follows the usual resident evil suit, same tank controls, same aiming functions, overall the gameplay brings nothing new to the table, however a reason to actually get this game or to play it, is the fact that it add's alot more to the story and its a excellent game to play being the FIRST Resident Evil game to feature full 3d modeled areas instead of prerendered backgrounds like 1 2 and 3.

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