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Dragon Ball FighterZ Style Freiza


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Dragon Ball FighterZ Style Freiza






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Dragon Ball FighterZ Freiza (Inspired)
Made by Ryon
Release Date : March 21st 2018

- Preface -
Unlike Krillin, This version of a character is more loyal to the gameplay mechanics of FighterZ. Krillin will get a update sooner or later. I enjoy playing with Freiza in FighterZ, but I feel he is lacking in the physical attacks department, sure you can ki blast and stuff all day but Im a fighter. So for this version the sprites were so plentiful that I was able to make a Freiza who can fight you hands on AND shoot you with ki blasts all day. Cheap? Yes. Freiza? Yes.

- Commands -
A = Special Attacks
X = Light Attacks
Y = Medium Attacks
Z = Heavy Attacks
START = ????


- Basic Combos -
X, X, X, X, X, X, X
Y, Y, Y, Y
X, X, X, Y, Y, down + Z

X, X, X
Y, Y
X, X, X, Y, Y, Y, Z

X, Y, Z

- Special Moves -
Freiza Combo = Down, Foward, X
Death Beam = Down, Down, Attack

- Super Moves -
1G Next Time You'll Die = Down, Foward, A
1G Death Saucer = Down, Back, A
1G You Fool = Down, Down, A
1G Death Ball (Air) = Down, Foward, A
3G Nova Strike (Air) = Down, Back, A

- Hyper Moves -
7G Golden Freiza - START

- Known Issues -
Damage Dampener Code has issues in Mugen 1.1.
Missing a few Sounds? Shaking?

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