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Odin Core by TM


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A ball of light that's quite cheap, it's Hypers don't hurt you at all but make it invulnerable. The Core has no AI and is unpredictable as it floats around but still makes a neat boss.

Being a core of light it's like the opposite of 00N, a sphere of darkness. It was inspired by 608's effect sprites, as said on TM's site:


It is a characterized version of 608's effect image

I thought that I wanted to make an STG system at Christmas Eve, I tried making it at a momentum. As a result, I was not sure if it was an STG character (; 'д `)

Since the amount of barrage is terrible, powerful performance from 1p. Full-scale evil performance (more than madness) comes after 5p ~

By the way there is no AI (; 'д `)

Link: https://yadi.sk/d/C51B41VS3SY4E2


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