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The Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Made By BDC


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The Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Made By BDC

This a Full Game made from The Ikemen Plus V.3
This Full Game has a full build Score system for the Ikemen Plus V.3
This Full Games has its own Intro,Game Over, Story mode, Netplay
How to play netplay with The Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Made By BDC
you can find you tube video guides on how to use Tunngle, Hamachi or Evolved to play netplay with your friends
There are 8 Marvel Super Heroes Mugen Characters to choose from made by BDC
AND 2 bosses battles
there 9 pure custom ORIGINAL made Mugen stages coded and made by BDC

Special thanks to OldGamer for beta testing and help with the  Shi'ar Invasion Ultimate Edition Project


Full Game Demonstration


Real Time Netplay with BDC and OldGamer



Download Full Game location


For more Discussion about the game located here




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