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Scorpion Update by JARRO77


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Scorpion Update by JARRO77

I decide to do this update because i really Respect Bam is a very good person a Great Talented Creator and he help me too in the past.I know this char had alot of Potential so i decide to make an update i did my best for Improve this char.
Note this Character is made by Bambulin(Bam77)

what i add and fix in this Update
Improving Running Forward and Backward with 2 more sprites and new code
Improving Walking Forward and Backward
Add a new animation and code in Jump Air
Improving Taunt
Add a SuperJump in Crouching Strong Punch
Add new palette
Improving Sprites and Animations in Basics Attacks
Stand Improved
Add a new Hyper
Hey Bam hope you can back soon Mugen need people like you!!!!!!!
Download www.mediafire.com/file/tw7uquhypnlxh36/Scorpion.rar
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