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[SNES] Breath of Fire II


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So after crawling and "asking for directions" multiple times to beat the first one I started on the second. I haven't beaten it yet but I've put about 22 or so hours into it.


They did a better job of with the game overall, also making you understand what to do next though there are some moments that leave you wondering hard due to obscure hinting.


The economy was handled much better this time around. In the first game I just sat and grinded to get the money I needed get my party set so they wouldn't get raped, early in the game anyway. Later I just sat on my thousands with no care on upgrading because I had tons of money left.

This time around I didn't have to grind as much since there was a lot of fighting anyway and the exchange rate for selling your old things was pretty good. That aside the shops that you run into during the events of the plot were reasonably priced for how much I had when I got there. So when I ran into a store that would break me I knew I went exploring a bit too much =p.


The battling is better but I swear the magic attacks that nerf enemies' stats are damn useless. Those attacks have to pass a success check to work. After all the time I've been playing I've never gotten one to work. Though I tend not to use too many since it wastes turns and AP to do that and the monsters in this game are annoying lol. Most of the time I can finish a random encounter in 2-3 turns, with the exception of bosses of course. Thus making those attacks even more useless, they don't seem to work on bosses. Might just be my luck but I took a boss fight to have Spar do nothing but use those attacks and they didn't work. So yea to me they're just a waste of space. Well except to enemies and bosses since it works when they use it on my party. >_>

I'm not sure how to address the special skills that every character has, to me it balances out since most of them either blow or are very good. Like Ryu's Guts skill, no cost healing based on the HP you don't have, friggin awesome. Even with the success rate not being 100% it is good enough to be worth using. Same applies for Nina's Will skill, except it only restores 16 AP when it works. Those two and Bleu's shed seem to be the only work while skills to actually use in battle. They're so good that the other skill not being worth using makes up for it.


It suffers from what i call "Digimon World" syndrome. I call it that since it was the first time I ran into it. It is where a game leads you a very long way (sometimes to a place you never went to during the events of the plot) just to do something simple like have a short dialogue with 1 person then going back an equal or greater distance to continue. It is tolerable but noticeable enough to be annoying along the way.


A waaaaaaaaay better playing experience than the first, though it has its noticeable issues.

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