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Banjo Gay Kazooie M.U.G.E.N Released (Edit of Aperson98's Banjo)

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@AJ1Ayrton(Ninja) For the record, character portraits do not qualify as screenshots for the purpose of release threads. You'll have to replace that image.


EDIT: This is apparently an edit of Aperson's Banjo, so moving this to the proper section. I'm going to have to ask you to credit the original authors in the thread title if you're going to make simple edits like this one, or I'm simply going to just delete them from now on. You've been doing this too many times to count now.





author = "aperson98/AJ1Ayrton(Ninja)/Oliver As Latias/jade_midori"


Mind explaining what jade_midori (or Oliver, for that matter) had anything to do with this character?

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