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[PSP] Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday


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pe3 isn't really connected with the other two games except for eve, but since you're playing pe2 I won't spoil that for you just make sure you get the good ending, because the 3rd birthday is a spin-off of pe2. I will say this when you're fighting the big boss at the end of disc one make sure the dog lives so you can get the best handgun in the game.

as for pe3 itself it isn't that hard, I was able to beat insane mode at level 22, you just need to set up your grid properly. I'll show you mine as an example:

  • lvl. 25 pre-raise
  • lvl. 25 critical shot
  • lvl. 25 power surge
  • lvl. 25 barrier
  • lvl. 25 kill boost
  • lvl. 25 haste
  • lvl. 25 energy shot
  • lvl. 25 energy defense
  • lvl. 25 impact wave
after you have the grid set up it's all about your weapon set up, but that's all about preference
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you have to get rare drop first, to quadruple the amount of dna's. then just keep refreshing over and over again untill you get what you want, aka rare genes like haste and barrier. If you end up with a bad gene exit without accepting and go back to try again. otherwise you'll never be able to get preraise, barrier, haste, etc. because these are rare genes that only appear once in a blue moon on insane mode.

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