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[PS2] Persona 3 (FES)


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I've only played through FES myself, cause the Game Crazy by my house didn't have the original, but gave me that instead when they were closing out. XD The story is a bit sluggish at first, but when Atlus does it's job of adding in plot twists, betrayals and everything in between, everything just gets turned upside down and the goal becomes a lot more apparent.

Graphics-wise... The game is good. Some of the Persona look a bit weird, especially the Archangels. http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png The soundtrack is freaking great too. One of my favorites so far. In fact, it even inspired a concert, though I believe some songs from Persona 4 were there too.

One of the best scenes ever, though it's a pretty decent spoiler.


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