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Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross (Beta) - Forest Release


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Well, since I don't really have time, I might as well release this as Beta version. I wanted to use the butterflies >_< , but apparently there are not in a particular order, so it was a bit hard to find the right animation sprite, but I will animate the stage, for sure!

Tint has been applied to this stage, so that is a plus.

For the music, I chose a good OST from the game. I don't know the exact bgm, however and the name of this stage. I'll quickly edit the name of the stage soon. I know it is Battler's Stage, but I want to know the actual name of it instead of labelling as "Batler's Stage".

Animated - No? Will be soon.

Tint? - Yes

Resolution - 640 x 480

Size - 1800 x 1086



I know there should be some fixing to be done, I will get to it as soon as I try to rip these annoying butterfly rips.

Example Image:

Posted Image

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I got all of them ripped from mugenchina, transparency fixed, but if you convert any character with trans weapons to 8 bit, it messes up their weapons. George and others that don't use trans weapons will be fine.

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The rips from mugenguild are in bad quality. I got the ORIGINAL PNG files in the original format. I can convert it back to 256 colours the proper way, and I also got the bg rips from mugenchina because those rips are also ORIGINAL PNG files. The rips on mfg were bad.

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