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Mr. Game and Watch Definitive Edition by thebuddyadrian


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Mr. Game and Watch Definitive Edition by thebuddyadrian

Mr. Game and Watch joins the battle with new attacks never seen before. This two dimensional fighter has great air comboabillity and takes a lot of inspiration from Super Smash Bros,

Originally created by: Gif Mr. T

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c4ob48y0bp87z3z/Mrgw.zip


Full Movelist

Stand Normals

a: Greenhouse

 b: Chair

c: Torch

x: Bell Smack

y: Flag

z: Deep Sea


Air Normals:

a: Fish Bowl

b: Cement Block

c: Air Dodge

x: Spitball Sparky

y: Turtle

z: Key

Crouch Normals:

a: Crouch Greenhouse

b: Manhole

c: Hammer Time

x/y/z: Fire



D, DF, F, x: Normal Chef

D, DF, F, y: Short Order Chef

D, DF, F, z: XL Chef

D, DF, F a/b/c: Helmet Charge

D, B, a/b/c: Judge Hammer



D, DF, F, a+b: Stampede (1000)

D, DF, F, x+y: Super Chef (1000)

D, D, a+b: Oil Panic (2000)

D, DB, B, D, DB , B, a+b: The Zero (3000)

D, DB, B, D, DB , B, x+y: Octopus (3000)


Air Supers:

D, DF, F, a+b: Super Keyblade (2000)

D, DF, F, x+y: Game and Watch Drill (2000)


Others: a+b: grab


Any feedback will be appreciated. If you find any bugs or mistakes or anything you dont like I will fix it and update the character.

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