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Palette Problem



Palette Problem

Hi everyone I'm new here in this forum hoping that all of the members in this forum are nice, there's no trash talker here and also my question would be answer as soon as possible.


I'm having problem on inserting palette of my favorite character Igniz from King of Fighters. I found some sprites in other source and I just want to combine them as one. I've successfully combined the 1st palette on my character but others are not good I failed combining 2 to 12 palettes and I don't know what to do. .


I want to insert some screen shots here but I don't know also so I uploaded it via imgb











1st link is the default sprites/palette of my character

2nd link is the other sprites/palette that I've input in my character there are 2 sprite the one is in the link 4

3rd link is the proof that the player two palette is red

4th link is my problem got from source same as link 2 that is the original palette from source


Thank you for quick response I appreciate the effort to answer my question thank you and have a good one. 



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