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The Queen of Heart '99 SE Mugen version

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 Hello, Jansen121 here,Right now,After an so called huge work... I decided to release something...

It's an Mugen game of Qoh99se. Which I made,and I take the references of screenpack to have an feel like in original game.

I Had to make this because the fullgame I got was crap.. As well here are the screenshots.


I Am soon Updating the game as if i can, Plus the update will only be done after Hatsune Kashiwagi goes to MUGEN (Made by me, I Will make Tuki no turugi's Badness hatsune into a hidden char.)



The intro just like the Original game which was my attempt at making one like this...



The Menu screen



Character Select screen Just like Original game due to VS Sprite.



The VS Screen finally...



The image of the Game in action...


Credits to the persons:


gatyuo: For his Akari Kamigishi, Really basic char.

Tuki no Turugi: an FLOOD of qoh Chars Aoi Matsubara,Kotone Himekawa,Comode Serika,Badness Hatsune,Maid Multi and Maid Serio

maruta: Just like Tuki no Turugi: An Awesome FLOOD, with Ruriko,Azusa,Rina,Serio,Chizuru and Ayaka

Zin: He made the Multi HMX12 On mugen.

Tokinokuni-Kei: His Rio hinayama and Mizuki Takase (This Mizuki will be replaced with a Accurate version by k1nomoto.)

k1nomoto: His Mizuki Takase (COMING SOON UNTIL 2019)

a-tye: His Kaede LOL, has awesome moves,P lus he made Tiria and Ayaka Rapid.

crain: His Tomoko char

serika (Ayustat): For the serika character

-I-: Remy Miyauchi!

Nameless_Drifter: Source accurate chars, Mizuho and Kanako.

SOS: He converted Yuki Morikawa for mugen. what a success, He also made Corin and Saori in mugen

Doppel: He created "THE QUEEN OF KARAOKE" Shiho Nagaoka into Mugen.

takesi: He created Osage akari. (A Better version with better ai coming soon 2019.

Kaze: He made True Kotone for mugen,And I use QOH old Rooftop as her stage.

alowe: Great creator who did Yoshie and LF97 Aoi on mugen... he also made Hatsune Kashiwagi, But it's way obscure that i am making my own version.

MILL: The cheap Oni chizuru for the MOOGEN.

Jansen121 (Me, Who created the game in 2017, 2 years ago.) I Am creating a Normal Hatsune for mugen. (COMING SOON 2019)

Mirumausuboshi  (aka: Mirumausu) and NOR (aka: Reiga): for Stages.

Orochi Herman: The Fonts

DOMINO: Base lifebars and Screenpack files.

Watanabe Productions: for Original game.

Elecbyte: For mugen 1.0.



I Will add other Characters in alt Outfit (Seifuku Chizuru & Saori, Both by tuki no turugi)

Probably i will add Hatsune Kashiwagi into the game, (I Will create her, To prove that the Characters are not made by me)

Add a Cinematic OP From the game.

Add another Mizuki version (Created by k1nomoto for Mugen 1.0).


NOTE: The Update will only be done After Hatsune gets completed. (Credits to Hiroshi INOUE For the ".chr" file (Not DDLC) Queen of heart '99 SE Addon for Susie plugin.



You need Windows XP SP2 or Higher such as Vista,7,8,8.1 and 10 (My Computer has Windows 10) Because the game uses Mugen 1.0.

Intel Core duo CPU Or equivalent recommended for HD Resolutions (This game is Lowres)

512 of Memory or More... (actual requirements may vary based on character and stage complexities).


Download the Game via Onedrive.

ALT DOWNLOAD (Gogofreegames)

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I'm glad you're using my Mizuki for your custom MUGEN game. I tried to make her as accurate as possible to QOH99, but I'm still updating her and keeping her 99 style (no 2001, I'll do that for her cosplay version from QOH2K1).

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