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3D modeling program



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Far too expensive, but there is a 30 day trial so I'll give it a try.


Also, there's a primary reason for me asking this this and the 3D model request on resource requests.


It's this model of Daisy: 


I got it from Models Resource, and when I tried bending her fingers, they deformed and they didn't bend properly, so my alternatives are to either find a 3D program (you suggested 3DS Max) or find a different model.


I did however find this model of Daisy's tennis trophy from Smash Bros, however it's a OBJ file and it hasn't been T posed. So I guess I'll have to T pose it myself and perhaps make a armature.


I was wondering if you guys know a better model of Daisy in this outfit, along with her 2 Strikers outfits, so that's why I made the 3D model request in Resource Requests.

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