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DLF Makes a New Playstyle... Sort of.


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So I was thinking of a custom playstyle for MUGEN


I may make this a Template based on it...Oh Wait! I DID!




:lpunch:Light Attack


:mpunch:Medium Attack


:hpunch:Strong Attack


:lkick:Blow Back/Easy Commands


"Tap this button when the lever is in neutral position to perform a Blow Back Attack. Moreover, all types of special moves can be easily performed by pressing down the “SPECIAL BUTTON” and an appropriate direction simultaneously."


 -Extract from the King Of Fighters 12 Android Website


:mkick:Parry/Reflect (Character who can Reflect like Mario's Cape)


:hkick:Charge Up


:punch2:(+Any Motion) EX Special


:down::hkick: Level Up


Remember this Layout. Further Mechanics Implement this.


Major Mechanics

You can only dash. Some characters can run.


Double Jumping, Multi Jump or Flight (Depends on Character).


Fast Falling by Pressing Down Twice.


You can Cancel into a Blow Back Attack after a Parry.


EXs need 500 Power to perform.


Supers need 1000 Power to use.


Hypers needs 3000 Power to execute.


The player can use 3000 Power to Level Up. Its a little similar to Pocket Fighter or Marvel Super Heroes where the player recieves Upgrades during fight. Open the Spoiler to see what it does.


Level 1: Moves can be canceled if they hit.

Level 2: Moves can't freeze the user.

Level 3: Some Supers and Hypers gain Off-The-Ground Versions.

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2 hours ago, Private Mucho said:

I think, characters that have wings, should be multi-jumping, since to fly you must flap your wings. Unlike those who levitate using magic.


Flight is like controlling your air trajectory horizontally and vertically (Like SWR) after a Jump for a limited time and then fall. Flying Characters dont do mid-air jumps.


Multi Jump characters can Jump 5 times but don't Super Jump. Man, balancing is hard.

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