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The idea I have in mind is a fighting game featuring characters from various properties fighting in visceral 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 battles, where the last one(s) standing win(s). I apologize in advance for not having any pictures or videos showing my proof of concept.


First off: The roster. I'm aiming for a 37-ish character roster, although that number may go up or down as development goes on. The only characters I'll say that are definitely in are:


Spider-Man (either classic, 2099, Superior, or Symbiote)

Astraea (Heaven's Lost Property)

The only stages I will reveal for right now are:


Willamette Parkview Mall

Wesker's Laboratory


More will be revealed soon...


The modes I have in mind:

Arcade Mode (climb up the ladder to the boss and get an ending. can be played alone or with a friend)

Versus Mode (battle it out locally with a friend in 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 battles)

Survival (survive for as long as possible in this single player mode)

Boss Rush (try to outlast the onslaught of bosses)

Time Attack (complete game under time constraints)

Score Assault (beat the game with the required number of points)


The story's details will be revealed at a later date. I don't really have a concrete story down yet, so I'll reveal the details when it's acceptable to show everyone.


The game will use a MVC-style 5-6 button layout. (the 6th button is used for tag-in/tag-out during Tag-Team/Co-op)


W- Jump

A- Right

S- Crouch

D- Left


Combat Controls:

U- Weak Punch

J- Strong Punch

I- Weak Kick

K- Strong Kick

O- Launcher

L- Tag-in/Tag-out (TT/Co-op only)

Enter- Taunt

Esc.- Pause


Gameplay: The game is, like I said, a 2D Fighter, which will be developed in the M.U.G.E.N. engine (1.1b), and it will have the same gameplay as other M.U.G.E.N. fighters (super meter, hyper combos, etc.), so no real gameplay innovations here.


A playable build for PC will come sometime in the future, when the game is at least in a somewhat playable state, and if this game gets popular enough and people like it, I'll ask if people would want it ported to Wii/PS3/Mobile/PSP as Homebrew.


Pixel Fighters, and any add-ons/updates that are released for it, will be free from the day of it's release until the end of time/the internet, since I do not own any characters featured in the game and will never own them.

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Also, forgot to say this, but any Character/Stage Teases/Reveals will be done through status updates on my profile. If that stuff interests you, or you just like checking in on random games' developments, then make sure to check back regularly for news on the game's progress!

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18 hours ago, RedDragonCats17 said:

Though I do have 1 question: Is it possible to code Boss Rush, Time Attack, and Score Assault in MUGEN?

I don't know, in all honesty. I'm sure a tutorial exists out there for it. It is the internet, after all, and nearly anything known to man exists on here.

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