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Regen health - Teaf's code


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Regen health - Teaf's code

This is a code found in Teaf's Grizela. It does as stated, It will heal characters who are in critical health/danger level. It doesn't require animations or anything it's a constantly active code. I have applied this code to multiple characters since regenerating isn't too quick and it's fair.


[State -2]
type = LifeAdd
triggerall = movetype != H
triggerall = Alive   <----------if im alive, This will know and I'll start healing
triggerall = RoundState = 2
triggerall = Life < LifeMax*0.2 <--------------this determines how much needs to be left in order to gain the regen effect
trigger1 = ceil(GameTime%4) = 1 <--------------------im telling this code when to apply the regen effect,decrease the % to make it faster and increase to make slower.
value = 1 
absolute = 1
ignorehitpause = 1


This code only seems to work in the -2 states, i have attempted -3 with it once but nothing happened....if someone gets different results be sure to inform me here on this thread.


Credits go to Teaf for this code im not 100% sure he made it but I've not witnessed other characters using it. 

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