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* KoF CuB 2017 * Challenge to Ultimate Battle ( SNK vs Playmore ) Updated Edition


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The feast has begun and all are invited:



- This project is a legitimate homage to the 15th anniversary of "The King of Fighters 2002"

- Several gameplay attributes are based on the original game, without any authorization or consent of SNK Playmore, fan made cannot be sold.

- Every interface was altered for this new game : colors, voices, sounds, music, lifebar, portraits, icons, backgrounds, characters, etc.

- Several researches were made to join details of plenty sources, to select the best ones and to gather in this considered game.

- Directly thanks to the authors of these used items: chars, stages, screenpack.



Details :

* Winmugen with updated plugins

* 135 characters - ( 66 visible + 69 extra chars, occult sidelong in the selection screen )

* 80 new different stages and music

* Matches graduation by according to the opponent's difficulty level : (15) arcade mode

* Readjustment of movement , speed, volume, parameters and others



Upgraded by " Brazombie " 2017 , original project by Hiro-Hiro #Winmugen , 





DL: https://firedrop.com/34631737b486c6dadaab63174544c7d9 

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