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Red Guardian by carpa5, fede de 10, volzzilla, and ragnarok_333

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Red Guardian by carpa5, fede de 10, volzzilla, and ragnarok_333

Arcade Classic Regular


Arcade Classic Regular

He's actually a very fun character. Has all new hyper attacks that fit the comic version, decently balanced, and a enjoyable fighter for Marvel fans.

CvS fanatics may not like.



Red Guardian, Russia's version of Captain America and leader of the Winter Guard

Sprites (using Sic-1's Ultimate Cap for a base) by fede de 10, carpa5, volzzila
Coding by ragnarok_333

Currently beta release

Credit to:
- Sic-1 for base character
- Wucash for Winter Guard sprites edited as base for helpers
- Elecbyte for MUGEN
- MMV (Mugen Multiverse) Community. The best forum community for Mugen when it comes
to having fun with Mugen and my inspiration for not only making this stage, but for
all things I do in Mugen


- D, DF, F + P - Sheild Throw
- D, DB, B + P - Russian Dive
- F, D, DF + P - Gun Attack
- D, DF, F + K - Russian Charge
- D, DB, B + C - Russian Piledriver
- D, DB, B + A or B - Flip Kick

- D, DF, F + C/Z - Winter Guard Assemble
- D, DF, F + PP - Sniperfire
- D, DB, B + PP - Tank Assault
- D, DF, F + KK - Hyper Russian Charge
- D, DB, B + KK - Hyper Gun Attack


Arcade Classic Regular



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