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[Suikoden II] Riou

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[Suikoden II] Riou

Arcade Classic Regular

Riou Suikoden II Mugen Character


Arcade Classic Regular


Riou the main hero/protaganist in the Suikoden II rpg game .. 
this is a 3 button character with 6 pallettes , 2 super motions and 4 special motions .. 
I had a hard time working with this character because of the sprites but it turn out really well ..
The gameplay is based on JUS (Jump Ultimate Stars) 

enjoy playing with the character 

Basic Commands

X/y - weak attack
z - strong attack
start - mana charge

Super Motions

"Twin Destiny Fang"

"Shining Light"

Special Motions

"Heroic Rush"

"Great Blessing"

"Spinning Fangs"

"Flash Attack"



Arcade Classic Regular


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