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My own fighting game style.


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Hey guys, decided to change everything in this topic because I never played Capcom vs. SNK at all, so I decided to take reference from games I have played for my own style.


The style is still gonna be a combination of Marvel vs. Capcom and Soul Calibur (and possibly Tekken, idk if that game has the mechanic I'll explain). You can perform ground combos and air combos just like in said game, but unlike Marvel vs. Capcom, your launcher will not launch the enemy up very high and your super jump isn't as high either, but you will get enough air to perform a combo. Charge attacks are also a thing, holding a button after a combination will make you charge your attack up to full strength, making the opponent go pretty far. In my case, Ryu's Stallion Kick would make a good charge attack, but then again there's his Focus Attack, so idk which one's best. Alpha counters from Street Fighter Alpha are available along with dodges. The justice and rage bars are being kept.


The justice and rage bars are something from Team Z2's characters. Certain attacks will fill them up, and once they're full, you can perform either a justice attack or a rage attack, depends on the character you're playing as.


Some of the characters' sprites are going to be custom made CvS styled sprites, but they're going to be using a 3D model as a base (depending on the artist). If you're interested in making the sprites for these characters for me, then let's team up.


The characters in question:



Ryu: I decided to start over on Ryu thanks to a man from the MUGEN Guild who released his Square Enix vs. Capcom Ryu. He'll have moves from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter 3, and Street Fighter 4 all together, and his justice move is the Metsu Shoryuken.


Concept%20stance_zpsyloberku.png                            Princess Peach: Idk why, but I was interested in making her. Peach fights with some of her moves from Super Smash Bros, but her kicks are almost as graceful as that of a ballerina. She uses a fire flower fire ball and her umbrella as her weapons, and she also has helpers such as a Thwomp, a Bullet Bill Cannon, Lakitu, and Charging Chuck. She also uses the emotions from Super Princess Peach, specifically the angry emotion, and that emotion is only used in supers. The Angry Punch is similar to Terry Bogard's Burning Knuckle, but it hits the enemy multiple times then it'll explode, and the Angry Tornado is similar to Ken's Shinryuken from the Vs. games, but Peach isn't in the air, she's still on the ground. Her Justice move is called the Heart Combo, she performs a series of punches and kicks before grabbing the opponent to explode, kinda like Dan Hibiki but different.




Princess Daisy: For real, me? Both of the Mario princesses, what the hell is wrong with me? Anyway, compared to Peach, Daisy fights with all out martial arts and uses the items from Super Mario Land (one item, actually), and she's also stronger than Peach in game. The helpers are also from Daisy's home land, Sarasaland. She doesn't have a Bullet Bill cannon but she does have a Gao and King Totomesu, she doesn't have Lakitu but she does have Roketon, a good lot of her helpers are from Super Mario Land, where she originated. Her supers are mostly from the sports games, moves like the Flower Swing, the Torpedo Strike, and the Wonder Flower, she can also call out a stampede of Pionpi to stomp on her enemy, one victory pose is her changing into her other sports outfit, her biker suit, her leotard, her winter gear, and her casual dress, another pose is a Gao teasing her just to hug her, and another pose is her performing the hot stuff animation from Mario Strikers. Her Justice move is the slap from Mario Party.


Sheik: Link currently has no partner, so I think it's time to give him one. Sheik's model comes from one of my favorite GameCube games, Super Smash Bros Melee, and she does have moves from the said game, but her up special is more like a counter attack, and her whip attack is similar to Ghost Rider's spinning chain attack, she can also summon the Phantom from Spirit Tracks like her alter ego Princess Zelda, and she also uses Link's magic medallions from A Link to the Past. Her Justice move is none other than the Light Arrow.




Raditz: Idk if Dumanios is working on his Raditz, and I currently don't like the one I have, so I decided to make my own version of Raditz. Unlike the other CvS characters, Raditz doesn't use the CvS charging aura, he uses the one from Choujin's characters, but it's gonna be blurred to make it kinda CvS-ish. He has 3 projectiles, 2 Ki blasts and a rifle bullet. Why a rifle bullet? Remember that time when the farmer dude tried to shoot Raditz with a rifle, and Raditz caught the bullet and flicked it back at homie? He does the same thing to the opponent. He can also knee the enemy and stomp on the enemy's chest just to twist it with his foot, kinda like what he did to Goku but it's a knee and not something else. His Rage move is a rapid punch combo with one hard punch and that one Ki blast he did to Goku and Piccolo while he was in the air.



Gouki (DDND): This character is for April Fools day, and he's kinda accurate to the source, but he's in my CvS gameplay and he uses Akuma's voice from Street Fighter x Tekken.


I do have more in my mind, but I'll update this post when I feel like it. What do you think so far?

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I forgot to tell you guys, I wanted to get Peach's SSX On Tour 3D model, but I couldn't find the version of SSX On Tour I wanted to get, so I decided to go for her Tennis Ultra Smash model.


I also forgot to tell you this, some of Peach and Daisy's quotes are custom quotes voiced by someone who sounds similar or alike to Peach and Daisy themselves. I'll probably have more characters, maybe the ones from the games that are in my head.


Speaking of those games, if you guys wanna know stuff about them, let me know and I'll tell you. I'll make a off topic thread someplace with information about my games that are in my head as of now.

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Also I decided to change everything in this style because considering the fact that I never played Capcom vs. SNK in my life, it would be kinda silly to use it's styles. So I'm gonna change the name of this topic and the idea of the style. The justice and rage bars are being kept, though.


I'm planning on using this style in a fighting game I plan to make in the future, using Unreal 4.

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