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MUGEN Match 2.1


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MUGEN Match 2.1




MEGA (12 Parts)



Long time ago, i did this edit of Shiyo Kakuge's MUGEN Match 2 Screenpack.
People around enjoy that a lot and asking me to do a Fullgame version.

And now, the wait is finally over! :D

→ Screenpack (2.1 version) edited, with more slots and improved.
→ Tag System, with 3v3 and 4v4 options (3v3.exe and 4v4.exe)
Just select Team Arcade, them Simul (second option), select your chars and have fun. :)
Same steps for the 3v3 and 4v4.
→ 165 CHARS, from Capcom, SNK, Type-Moon, Dengeki, Marvel, Sega, Square Enix, GAINAX, Visco and some original ones. All compatible with the Tag System, played in CvS/POTS-ish Style.
→ Awesome stages by Shiyo Kakuge, included the stages with water (all chars compatible). And also the great stages inspired for the Shiyo's work, made by AVPBoy6754 and Flowrellik.
→ Sounds from SFA3, Capcom Fighting Evolution, Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2. Each mid-boss, boss and final boss had your own theme.

Hope you all fellas enjoy!! :D

Special Thanks & Credits
Screenpack, Tag System and Stages:
→ Shiyo Kakuge

→ Warusaki3
→ Vyn
→ DivineWolf
→ Quickfist
→ Chazzanova
→ Rajaa
→ Trololo
→ Varo_Hades
→ Zero-Sennin
→ Rei Seiryuu
→ Buckus
→ Infinite
→ R@CE Akira
→ Jesuszilla
→ Lord Vader
→ Tiger-Boy
→ Sennou-Room
→ Mr. Ansatsuken
→ Jmorphman
→ Koldskool
→ NDSilva
→ Mr. Karate JKA
→ Froz
→ Izuno
→ Victorys
→ Chuchoryu
→ CrazyKoopa
→ Mwryly
→ H'

→ AVPBoy6754
→ Flowrellik

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