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PROJECT MONKS            ◣______________________


_______________________________________________________◢   What projects?  ⤵



  This Board is to here to house all of your Ikemen WIPS.  Whether you're compiling a full game to submit to the Software Armory, converting a screenpack, or just trying to work the bugs out of a character, this is the place.  You can discuss fairness and balancing with other members as well as techniques for helping Mugen and Ikemen play nice together.  

   When it comes time to release your WIP, the main Releases board on the front page is the place for that.  And if you want to submit a full game you've compiled to the Software Armory as well, so it can be added to the shops, just post a link to the release thread on the Armory thread.  

   There, staff and members can discuss it's fairness and which pagoda it should wind up in.  Please respect staffs decisions, even  If they decide not to include it at all.  It's their call, and they're just making sure everything runs smoothly around here.  That being said, we hope you enjoy building and balancing new full games for the community to play on!    



_______________________________________________________◢   What makes Ikemens different from Mugens?  ⤵


   They are almost identical, save that Ikemen has Netplay.  There are a few bugs here and there, which can lead to problems, but most of the bugs are pretty well known.  Just hand around this board and talk to people long enough, you'll begin to learn what they are.

   Perhaps some day if I can compile a list of them you'll see it how up here.  Till then, peruse the dojo and don't be shy with Member Support on the main page if you have a specific question that really needs answering.






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