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Paradise Island 2 by PhantomGs

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PASSWORD = halloweenjesusporn666


Stage Name: MM'PVRVD1$31$LVND2'MM
Author: PhantomGs & ????? (Newagemugen/Negative-Edge/????????????)
MugenVersion = 1.1 Only
Localcoord = 1280,720/1920,1080/3840,2160
Zoomout = .45

- A complete HD Remake of the Phantom Gs classic stage from the ground up!
- Pirate Ghosts and Ghost Ships? (Because its a Halloween release lol)
- Sinusoidal movement
- Extended Bounds for Wide stage scrolling
- 0.45 ULTRA ZOOM!
- individual zoom delta on all layers - Highly recommended for use with Tatsu/shiyokakuge add004 slow camera .cns function
- tritone lighting & lcd retro overlay - no sweetfx needed!
- Ultra High Jump / MVC / DBZ Mode compatibility
- Fully animated nebula and cloud scene for dramatic MVC aerial Rave/DBZ fight action





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