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[ BLUE MONKS ] ~ Tourney Help


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BLUE MONKS        ◥◣________________ :BlueMonk:









_____________________________________◢◤  How do Tournaments work?  ⤵



__________________________________◢◤  SIGNUPS 

   A new tourney thread will appear on the main tourney board.  Keep an eye out for these, they could be for official or member-held.  This one thread will cover everything from sign ups all the way through to completion.  So this is where you sign up.


__________________________________◢◤  SCHEDULING

   Once the sign ups are done, the person holding the tournament will arrange a schedule with all the competitors.  A well organized tourney can be over in a couple hours.  But depending on the scope and scale of their design, some tourneys might last days, weeks, or in the case of campaigns even months on end.


__________________________________◢◤  PLAY

    At whatever time you scheduled, meet in the Tourney Chat Party on Evolve.  Once everyone is there, the person running the tourney will give whatever overview they wish, and play commences.  The first fight is announced, streamed, and Current Standings on the front board are updated, and so on to completion.

__________________________________◢◤  COMPLETION

   After a tournament has been completed, a Victory Ceremony post is made.  It shows the winners, top fighters and highlighted moments, harvested via twitch.  The post is made at the end of that tourney's sign-up thread, and the thread is then locked.



_____________________________________◢◤  What's the Grandmaster's Brawl?  ⤵



__________________________________◢◤ BASICS

   The Grandmaster's 4 Season Brawl is an official MFFA tournament held 4 times every year. Once during each season, hence the name.  During the tourney, nominations and voting for character and stage of the quarter are held.  A Victory Ceremony at the end celebrates all the seasons winners together, and awards are given out in the form of trophies.


__________________________________◢◤ YEAR SCHEDULE

  Signups for each tourney begin on these days, in the Grandmaster's Brawl sub-forum. 
  Winter Tourney ~ January 1st

▶  Spring Tourney ~ April 1st

▶  Summer Tourney ~ July 1st

▶  Fall Championship Tourney ~ October 1st


__________________________________◢◤ LAYOUT

▶  GM-4SB Tourneys follow this basic schedule:

▶  Week 1 ~ Tourney Singups, CotQ and SotQ nominations.

▶  Week 2 ~ Voting and Tourney play out.  1 tier per night.  

▶  Week 3 ~ Awards and discussions.



_____________________________________◢◤  Lemme get that stream key! 



__________________________________◢◤  STREAM KEY

▶  Please don't give this out, or use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
▶  The key will be changed periodically, so if your stream stops working, the update's here.


▶  Copy Key > Open Broadcaster > Settings > Stream > Stream Key > PasteKey






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