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Non-existing portrait



I didn't like one of my character portraits, so I decided to change it. I followed a tutorial telling me how to replace it with FF3. After selecting an image from internet, resize it and convert it to PCX, I proceeded with the tutorial. I changed it (making sure the group was the correct one) and then I just saved it. Then I open MUGEN and... There is no portrait for the character, just the background from the menu working as always.

When loading the PCX however, a window popped saying: "This image can be visualized incorrectly, because does not exist none palette applied to the SFF. To correct, adjust the group, palette of the image or open one act palette in the panel of palettes."

What does that mean? How can I fix this? Thanks

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Sounds like even though the file format was saved as .pcx, your image was not indexed (256 color). Unless you're using the 1.1 betaw/ OpenGL, mugen wont know how to display it unless you index it.

Edit: you can use fighter factory (not the best choice) to give it a palette/index it, or use an image editor like Photoshop (not free) or Irfanview (FREE!) to index and save the image. Then replace it like you did the first time in Fighter Factory. Gimp is also another FREE alternative that can index images.

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