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CvS C. Falcon Edit by Iver


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Hello, there is a little edit of Chuchoryu´s Captain Falcon. I know that the char is a Beta/Alpha, but I edited several visual things to give a new good look. Below is the comparison:


chuchoryu_C_Falcon_Beta.gif  giphy.gif

    Chuchoryu          Edit by Me


This Edit Features:


  • Edited SFF, with Color Separation in the Gloves.
  • New Palletes (SSB4, Blood, Brawl, Green & Pink).
  • Modification in Falcon Punch animations, because they were very fast and did not fit with the sound.
  • New Blue Falcon sprite, because the original was from a N64 game and looks so "PCX".
  • New portrait, now without these "white points".












Download Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/d56jrl

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