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Resident Evil Remake Spencer Mansion


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Hello today I bring a stage created by me, before you download and get started hating me I have to tell them I'm a newbie on the subject of creating content and also on this page. that is not or    create a basic character and recently beginning with Mugen. well no more shit enjoy the stage






by the way the image is badly cut  :)




Tutorial for idiots:
1) put the 2 files called resident evil mansion, and then send it to the folder stages
2) go to folder "data" and open the "select" then go to where it says [ExtraStages] file and put the following things: stages/resident evil mansion.def
3) to put the music that is optional drag the file to the "sound" folder and ready


LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4k4qoy5kzhq08ai/Resident+Evil+Remake+Spencer+Mansion.rar

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