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Pokemon Best Girl Companion


Pokemon Girl Companion   

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Even though i don't look at the anime any more since the first series. but I can rank this according to people's views:


1.) Serena

2.) Misty/kasumi

3.) Dawn

4.) May/Haruka

5.) Iris


Seems like Serena has the more popular companionship then the others according what people said about the XY series considering she knew (with some oddities) Ash/Satoshi since they were younger. Misty is second best considering she is a well known gym leader (even though she deals with her older sisters in the anime universe) she is also a tad older then Ash/Satoshi which kind of makes her like an older sister to him. 

Thats just my point of view on this.....:-P

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Honestly... I hate all of them. Not for any particular reason, but they're very cliche in the way they act. Like, I get its a kids show (hence why Ash never ages and is a douchebag the entire series), but that aside, I was kind of hoping like, at some point, a new companion character wouldn't basically be a carbon-copy of the previous ones. They all seem to play the "I'm helpless when I'm in danger, but I can then act all manly when I need to prove myself" kind of attitude.

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