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How to Edit the Versus Screen in a ScreenPack

Asef Hassan Amiz

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Hello everyone, well I downloaded this Awsome Screenpack,

I simply love it & Its really cool , but it has One Big Problem which is -

In its "Versus Screen" it shows this Screen -


and there is no Info on who will be the next character to fight.

I want to make the VS Screen into something like this -


or like this -


So Basically what i'm saying is, i want to Edit my ScreenPack so that in the Versus Screen I can see the Next competitor,

without installing Another Screenpack, but by editing or by only the Ripping the  VS Screen thing from another ScreenPack

So Can anyone please tell me how to do that ? any help will be really appreciated.

please help & Thanks Everyone.

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I don't know. But you can change lifebars if you don't like it.

Here's how (look under this line)

1. Find the lifebars you want.

2. Download it.

3. In the data folder, make a new folder named what ever you want like for an example, I'd name my CVS2 lifebars CVS.

4. Drag everything in the lifebar folder you downloaded to the folder like for an example (again) I'd put everything in the CVS2MOD in the CVS folder

5. After that, go to system.def and look for this: fight = fight.def

6. Change the fight.def to the folder you made. Like for an example (once again)




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Okay I dont know what screen pack your using but its dont matter what its like.


Before we can get started.

You need Fight Factory and gimp

Fighter Factory 3.0.2 x64 64 bit version

Fighter Factory 3.0.2 x86 32 bit version


Gimp Download



what you need to do is go to your data folder and find System.def  and scroll down and find this here

Because you don't know what they do I will color them in green text to explain what they are


[VS Screen]
time = 700            ;Time to show screen <----- this how long your versus screen can be played for a long times
fadein.time = 20 <-- this to make fade in
fadeout.time = 20 <-- this to make fade out
match.text = "BATTLE %i" <-- this here for you the text on screen

match.offset = 322, 320 <-- this here is position

match.font = 7,0,0, 0,210,255 <-- this here is set your font number

;Big portraits
p1.spr = 9000, 1 <-- this here is set portrait group/index number

p1.offset =  126,158 <-- this here is set position your Big portrait group/index number
p1.facing = 1 <-- this here is set invert your position Big portrait 
p1.scale = .5,.5 <-- this here is to resize your Big portrait 
p2.spr = 9000, 1
p2.offset = 512,158
p2.facing = -1
p2.scale = .5,.5
p1.name.offset  =  185,148  <-- this here is set position the characters's name 
p1.name.spacing = 0,600 <-- this here is set spacing position the characters's name 
p1.name.font =   6,0,0, 0,210,255 <-- this here is set your font number your characters's name 
p2.name.offset  = 455,148
p2.name.spacing = 0,600
p2.name.font =   6,0,0, 0,210,255

Okay now that I explain that setting do  scroll down unit you find this here


[VersusBG 2]
type  = normal
spriteno = 0,0
layerno = 0
start = 0,0
mask = 1


Now run your Fighter Factory and find your screen pack's SYSTEM.SFF

Scroll threw the page until you find the versus screen sprite images its very important to find the Group and Index for the Versus screen

best way to search is by clicking this icon my picture will show the way and what they do



okay now you have to know where is the group and index for the versus screen sprite image

then you need to make a new sprite image to replace it


for examples


[VersusBG 2]
type  = normal <-- this here set to normal

spriteno = 200,0 <-- this number is the group/index
layerno = 0
start = 0,0
mask = 1


well pretty mush you have to change everything an also position them as well.

Here video will help you understand what the versus screen does. I know this person sound bit annoying but he does make a good point how versus screen work





also go to this video and Ryon explain on how to make versus screen into animation go to the timer video to 25:23 and he explain a lot more about

versus screen






well I hope that help you out buddy and hope you understand where to go from here :OhYeah:





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  • 11 months later...

Is there not an easier way?  i dont wanna be making my own versus screen or anything.  is there not a way i can just copy the already made VS screen from another screen pack and bring it into my cvs3 screen pack?   I also just have a "Now Loading" screen as my VS screen that i dont want

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There is a simpler method yes.

1st go to system.def of the screenpack you like.

Locate the area where the versus screen is. Look for spriteno= (whatever number) everywhere in the versus screen section only.

Open up the system.sff and locate all those sprites and save them anywhere you want.

Now open up the system.sff file  of the screenpack you want to use in fighter factory, usually just opening the system.def file and clciking the sprite section is easier.

Ok now simply add all those sprites to the screenpack.

Save it.

Now go to the system.def file that you originally liked the versus screen and copy the entire section text, based on versus screen only.

Then go to system.def file of the screenpack you want to use.

HIGHLIGHT THE EXACT SAME TEXT for the versus screen right click and paste. Basically overwriting it. And BAM your done.

(Keep in mind if you do have a sprite in that same group or same number already in your screenpack when adding the sprites you do like, just edit the spriteno in the versus section to a different number, very easily, and add those sprites to the group number you chose, there isnt that many depending on the versus screen you choose normally.) (Doing it this way you dont delete the previous on e and you can resort back at anytime as well.) OldGamer is a genius I will add.

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