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[KoF]Another Iori by Alucard Helsing


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Another great mugen classic that shouldn't be forgotten. Or maybe I'm just sentimental because I saw this project taking shape, helped with ideas, beta and stuff http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png (hey, I'm at the credits)

This version got both regular and Orochi mode, which can be accessed pressing B, F, B, F, B, F + Y+X during his normal mode. It sacrifices half of his current health, it's the same command to get his orochi mode in KoF97. He got a few more DMs based on his SvC and CvS2 appearances.

Anyways, this one is based on a Iori's prototype which became a striker in KoF2k. I couldn't find a snd file anywhere so I'm uploading an alternative (it's from Another Iori by Zelgadis)

Posted Image


SND file

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