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Bypassing "That One Website's" Adware BS When Downloading


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So, as you guys know, a certain website (I'd mention the name, but I guess that's against the rules) that hosts mugen creations of all kinds is being a threat to those that use the service, allowing people who download to have a chance at being infected by some kind of malware or adware or other BS. Well anyways, I don't know if this is an okay post or not, but if it is, then I hope it helps you all, as it is working just fine for me and it helps on many places that have downloading issues.



(NOTE: Works with Firefox & Chrome)


So, when you go to that one website (M****A******), after you have registered an account, do the following below:


1) Install the add-on/plugin called "Greasemonkey". Turn it on once installed, if it is on, the box WON'T be grayed out a bit.

2) Next up, look online for the "fork" or "script" called "AdsFight!" (it has been removed from GreasyFork and a few other places, so you'll have to find a mirror download or something, don't worry, it isn't dangerous).

3) Go back to M****A******.

4) Go to the page you wish to download whatever it is from.

5) RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD button and it will say "copy link location" or something like that.

6) Copy it and paste it into a new page.

7) Success!


What AdsFight does it block the adfly page altogether (sometimes it doesn't, but it kills any scripts the page is running except for the actual file to download) and it also bypasses the "you have adblock enabled, disable it" message so that you can download without any issues.




Oh and for people who want to download from 4shared, just go to cyber4shared.com, since you can use it to bypass registering at 4shared and still download. Make sure you use the 4shared download link that says "/get/" in it. Meaning, once on 4shared, click download, then copy the download location that would be like 4shared.com/???????/get/????????.rar or whatever.

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