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SSJ2 Gohan by Japter Dark

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I have waited for almost a decade for a Triple A title or a mugen author to create a Ssj2 Teen Gohan that can obliterated foes with his fist and feet like he did to the cell jrs in the series. Balthazar’s Adult Gohan is superb and has his Frieza Death Blow but he said he will not be doing teen gohan…….so I decided to mod CHOUJIN’s gohan to have some of those attacks. I also added the Extreme Butoden sprites.


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On 2/1/2016 at 2:55 PM, W' XI UM said:

I'm digging this version. The hitboxes seem to be quite well, and everything flows well. However, two of the new attacks are kinda slow and unsafe.

I want to see coldskin1 fix him, to have that series canon. He would be so unfair and so nasty, but so epic at the same time. If coldskin does Beerus its over and evil.

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