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[PS1] Tail Concerto


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Tail Concerto (Uk/Us Opening)


Tail Concerto (Jp Opening)


Info about the game:

Tail Concerto is a 3D anime-style action-adventure and platform game developed by CyberConnect2. It was published by Bandai in Japan on April 16, 1998 and by Atlus in North America on August 31, 1999.

(The series is the first of the Little Tail Bronx series, along with Mamoru-kun and Solatorobo: Red The Hunter)

Gameplay features:

The majority of the gameplay involves controlling a semi-humanoid mecha. The basic abilities of the mecha include jumping, hanging onto ledges, hovering, firing bubbles, and grabbing objects. In a single area of the game's world, the player is also given the ability to fly with a jet pack. Near the end of the game, the mecha's bubble-shooting ability is replaced with the ability to fire homing projectiles.

Gameplay (includes intro)


...And a little more gameplay


Plot (No Spoilers)

Prairie, the world in which the game takes place, is inhabited by anthropomorphic dog-people and cat-people. Before the events of the game, the two races were said to have been at war — a war in which the dog people were ultimately victorious. Despite their past altercations, the two races seem to be mostly at peace with each other during the events depicted in the game itself. Prairie consists of a floating archipelago; due to this unique geographical configuration, its inhabitants mostly commute by way of airships. The game begins with the main character, Waffle Ryebread, getting a call from the chief of the police department which he works at. A gang of cats, mostly kittens, are attacking the city of Resaca. He is instructed to investigate these attacks. Upon the player's arrival in Resaca, Waffle recognizes one of ringleaders of the cat gang as Alicia Priss, a childhood friend of his. Alicia has a hatred for the dog-people, and is trying to find five magical crystals in order to secure what she believes is the liberty and pride of the cat-people.

My verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed this game because of the overall presentation of the game, it has likeable characters, moderately good english VA's, and the soundtrack to the game fits each environment to a 'T'. However the game is relatively short as it can be completed in one day (if the player knows what is needed to complete the game) and it also doesn't help that the game has a lack of meaningful side-quests (the only side-quest is to collect photo pieces to unlock in-game art) but these can be unlocked by alternatively completing the game on Hard difficulty. I give this game an 8/10 because although this game is short the rest of the game such as the storyline, charcters etc make up for this shortcoming.

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Here are the lyrics for the Jp opening that i've just recently found (they have been translated to English so you can understand what she is singing(if you don't know japanese http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//happy.png )) :

"I float in the sky, riding the clouds. I'm going on a journey with no end. Becoming the swaying breeze on a night with a sleeping moon,

becoming the twinkling stars, I watch over you. Under a curtain of darkness, in the midst of silence, it will begin -

a journey to chase the dreams that slipped away. Zabiatsta - Surpassing time. Zabiatsta - Burning bright. To the faraway horizon. Zabiatsta - Surpassing time. Zabiatsta - Burning bright. Flaring up now, like that morning sun. Like the birds above the hill, I'm going on a journey to spread my wings."

(Btw Zabiatsta is a nonsense word, but it means something along the lines of 'Crossing over time')

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OMG when i saw those screenshots, i KNEW it had to be related to Solartorobo!

Yeah I came across this game after playing through it, this because both Waffle and Panta cameo in various parts of Solatorobo (same with Princess Terria and Cyan) and the Black Cats Gang have a minor role too. It's probably one of the best underrated games on PS1 http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//happy.png .

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