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[PC] Melty Blood Act Cadenza and Actress Again


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No not the jappanese on e the english patch all u need is a working version of mbac nocd patch and mbac ver b and u can play in fact I'll give u a one time offer Im going to give u the file I dled and maybe the Nocd patch itself Actually Ill give u everything I have my mbac the no cd patch the key config the mbcaster and the english patch already included with mbac









Instructions to installing

open up the first file shown extract to desktop go inside the folder and click on the the winrar file go find setup and install to a directory u can remember like desktop then after doing that find your mbac patch folder and and click on setup then find the directory of ur mbacpc then take ur nocd and open it find ur reg.exe in ur mbacpc folder and hit open then ur game is playable

About the game:

it's a fighting game based off the anime tsukihime basically it's the story of a kid who gets a mystical power the eyes of death which give him the ability to kill you just by touching that point with his knife (don't worry no instant kills in the game)




This is probably my favorite and most played fighting game

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I only set the CPU to Unlimited when I want a really difficult battle (and on the hardest difficulty) but I personally do not use unlimited as it takes the fun away from the game. Unless it's on CvS2 where i set both mine and the CPU's power to unlimited, but other than that, never.

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Zin the demo includes the characters: Arcuied-Brunestud, Red Arcuied, Sion Eltam Atlasia and Sion TATARI. There are also four stages and these are: Hisui's stage (The huge library), Sion Atlasia's stage (Artificial Eden), a purple stage (i think it's TATARI's new one, not sure though) and a stage inside an airport hangar. I believe there is netplay on it, however I have not tried this yet. Hope this helps http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//smile.png )

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remember what I said about insta kills? well Actress Again had ONE, but they've fixed this in the newest update of Actress Again called Actress Again Current Code comes with 2 new chars, and an entire rebalance of the game as well as netplay. (Mind you this is the first release for PC for Actress Again)

all arcs and last arcs from Actress Again (only missing powered ciel and the new Archetype Earth)

powered ciel arc drives and last arcs

gameplay of the rebalanced archetype earth

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just wondering but on Current Code I apparently can't get Ryougi Shiki's level to appear, is it unlockable or did they miss it out?

EDIT: It would be pretty cool if they added some more characters from Kara no Kyoukai such as Araya Souren or Asagami, but i'm seriously enjoying the game nonetheless http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//smile.png .

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Not much of rebalance if you ask me, still overpowered (as it is supposed to be)

Not many chars needed too much fixing....most chars arc drives couldn't take more than 1/4th of your health....as it should be (hardly anyone uses last arcs since they play online)

Some new chars from outside would be cool....But i might lose my temper

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