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[DS] Resident Evil : Deadly Silence


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This is yet another remake of the Original Resident Evil 1 for the Playstation, Saturn and PC. however unlike those this features brand new character models and animations, as well as a new attraction mode called " REbirth Mode" which features several changes thru the game, item locations, monsters locations, once in a couple rooms the game switchs to a 1st person view and you get to knife battle the enemies, and even knife battle the giant snake (i mean thats what a right minded person would do). over all i greatly enjoyed this game. OH A MAJOR thing, it features multiplayer, in the form of Local Wifi 4 player team based survival, at the end you fight the Tyrant in the main hall of the mansion. unfortunately in this mode you do NOT see the other players they appear as STARS on your screen, but the enemies do react to them as if they were people. Wesker , Chris, Jill, and Rebecca, thats the 4 my team choose when we took it on. it was EPIC fun.
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