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Rain On The Buildings

Black chaos

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Same here Brock

HEeey! Look at you! A new pic of the girls of life in your sig!

yeah yesterday was our 2 year anniversary & Today ( Halloween) is her Bday , so thought id add a new pic of my Girls
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lol very true Bro, we would have gotten married on her B day, but it fell on a saturday and neither of us wanted a big wedding so we just went to a justice of the peace, but i am thinking of doing a big one for a renewal ceremony

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kinda hard to shy away when shes ya soul mate, im serious except sports teams we have literally everything in common, movies,tv shows,political views,music, & not so oddly enough our differences in sports teams are based off of regional differences i love the Atlanta Falcons, she loves The Tampa Bay Bucs( as u can guess shes from FLA, Tampa Actually, i love The Georgia Bulldogs She loves The Fla Gators , so thats the only split we have, but it makes when they play each other in football ,more fun ,constant Trash talk lol

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