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[GC] Eternal Darkness


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This is one hell of a survival action horror game, The storyline literally takes places decades aparts its brilliant, and it all started because of a curious warrior. your probably wondering why this game is so great? well aside from the very compelling story, it feature some of the most unique ways of scaring a player EVER. players have 3 meters, Health, Magic, Sanity. When health is low you die. When Magic is low you cant use magic. When Sanity is low, crazy stuff happens. -you could be walking and suddenly you die from decapitation. -the screen has bugs flying on it. -your tv turns off. -if you save , it formats your memory card. -your head breaks off. here take a look at these insanity effects.

also if your wondering the combat system in this game is also great. you play similar to resident evil, L trigger to ready yourself, A to attack. but its more complicated as you can decapitate your enemies, while holding L you can target certain parts, Arms, Legs, Torso's, Head's.

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