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[GC] Custom Robo


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Custom Robo is a multiplayer action RPG. the story changes dramatically at several points, first to stop some robbers, then this major bad guy, then to stop this evil creation. here is a spoiler, in the end its a 3 on 1 ,match, you and your 2 friends (ingame) vs. the final boss. and even though its 3 on 1, he can still wipe out all of you VERY easily, and its not like they beefed him up or anything, his states are just that insane, of course once you beat the game you unlock him, and can use him (at that point your beefed up and unstopable) gameplay is simple, at the begining your in a launcher, it launches you to any side of the battle field, you can rotate to decide where, and after launch there is a count down until your robo opens up, after its opened you can move freely, button mashing helps open up. this game is 1 ~ 4 players, 4 players is hella fun. the goal is to kill other robos, by use of weapons and pods, you have a insane variety of weapons, Magnum, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Wyrm(dragon), Sniper, Drill, PowerGlove, 3 way, 5 way shots, gatling gun, a nuke like weapon, starlight (a weapon that shots out slow, but picks up speed the further the opponent is), hornet (shoots 5 bee's at opponent) and pods can be things such as sharks (under land), flies (in air), roaches (ground), titan (nuke!), and other crazy things, you basically use your arsenal to fight. each robo has its own style of movement, the Ray (normal) model has air dashing, where as the Javelin has a teleport(looks like a super sayajin thing) the things i wanna say about this game, i cant express, but it is extremely fun, storymode has hilarious moments, and you will play it over and over agian after beating it. here is a funny skit.

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