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[GC] Baiten Kaitos


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This game is an AMAZING RPG for the gamecube that everyone should try. its very overlooked, but trust me this game has some beautiful amazingly stuning graphics, wonderful music, its so great you gotta listen to a few check the spoilers here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WH92KsFTvxk] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--i2u3D6MDw

... unfortunately for being a impressive on every other aspect the most HORRIBLE aspect of the game is the voice acting. Give or take some of them sound great at times, the voice actors didnt really get into role, and some of the voices sound as if it was done on a bad microphone. but what made this game stand out to me was the amazingly fun card battle system. you can build a deck and such, during your turn you get 5 cards, if your cards are swords you can attack, and you can use up to a total of 9, however the cards have elements which can increase or decrease the damage you do. using 2 fire cards, then using a powerful water card, nullifies the attack and lowers the damage tremendously, where as using a full 9 cards can do tremendous damage. and each character has special skill cards which work as "final" moves in your turn. during the opponents turns, you get your cards, and if you have defense (armor) cards you can defend the attacks and stop yourself from taking serious damage. here is a video of a battle.

Truthfully I LOVE this game, its amazingly fun, and it really draws you into the game.
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