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Black chaos

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Alright Post your gamer tag in this format please.

Forum Name:


I'll start

Forum Name: Black chaos

GamerTag: Chaoz 3hundred

Forum Name: Brucelee41126

GamerTag: Brucelee41126XD

Forum Name: Cashen

GamerTag: CarreraClan

Forum Name: IrukutheNinja

GamerTag: Iruku2

Forum Name: Genesis

GamerTag:CR1t1cal ka0s

Forum Name: Alpyne_D

GamerTag:Kantus KILLA 00

Forum Name: Tasumi

Gamertag: Lt Loren

Fourm Name: TheYukiKonata

Gamertag: Dawn Furry, Th3CyberPolice

Forum Name: NeoGeoKitsune

Gamertag: HYBRID FOX

Forum Name: ZombieBrock

Gametag: ZombieBrock

Forum name: CodyNation

Gamertag: WillSmithXBL

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