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[PS1] Parasite Eve


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This game is BRILLIANT! It recently came out on PSN, for 5 Dollars and it is a MUST have. its made by Squaresoft and it uses a battle system that is rarely ever seen. Its active time battle but its also Turn based. Your character can move freely during the entire time, when your attack guage is full, you get close enough to the enemy and push the attack button and a 3D grid dome appears around Aya, and if the enemy is inside you can attack with your weapon. some guns like the hand gun can shoot 2 bullets in 1 turn, so you can hit 2 enemies or shoot 1 enemy twice. another awesome advantage is if your close you can hit criticals for "point blank" shots. The story and pretty much everything is amazing in this game I really love it. I wish PE2 would come out on PSN, i've always wanted to play it. oh in other news Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday is coming out on psp soon.
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