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Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS


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Click in the author name to download. Red is missing/offline. Purple is WIP.





Tsunayoshi Sawada: DarkSolid32 / Evo Moo / Sergiu - Tsukasa_Mike's Edit / Gabriel Morais / Empty / davidBK

Gokudera Hayato: Mikel8888 / MB / Kari / DarkSolid32 / Maranguape || Takeshi Yamamoto: Mikel8888 / Maranguape & Dante / Lol Boy

Ryohei Sasagawa: Mikel8888 / DarkSolid32 / Takeshi / Uchiha & Kolyan / Maranguape & Dante || Kyoya Hibari: Maranguape



Normal Tsuna: Mikel8888 || Masterkakashi || Mukuro Rokudo: Matgonor

Chrome Dokuro: Unknown Author(Beta) || Bianchi: Kari || Dino: MisterJao / Lol Boy



Tsuna (Tuxedo)Maranguape / Tendo (Old - New) || Byakuran: Giovanni / Yondy || Vongola Giotto: Maranguape & Dante / Lol Boy

Kikyo: Uchiha || Torikabuto: Owari || Belphegor: Uchiha



Future Squalo: Tendo (Old - New) || Zakuro: Lol Boy || Squalo: MisterJao / Uchiha || Lussuria: Lol Boy

Future Xanxus: Shinrashi || Future Rokudo: Maranguape



Tsuna (Dying Will Mode): Mikel8888 || Future Yamamoto: DarkSolid32 / Tendo (Old - New)

Lambo: Mikel8888(Start & Future) || Maranguape & Dante(Future Lambo)

Future Hibari: Mikel8888 / Akimoto / DarkSolid32 || Future Gokudera: Akimoto / Kari / Tendo || Future Ryohei: Tendo (Old - New)



Stages by Kazushi || Stages by Jerrydrizzt || Stages by Jholsen || Inside Hibari Box by Alex



Fighters Rips by FMit || Sprites Rips from Sprite Database

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Yay! Hitman Reborn chars! My Kyoya and Gokudera chars might be here when I make them.

Glad you enjoy. Can't wait for your chars. :)

FINALLY!!! Reborn Collection in MFFA.this is what i was waiting for !!
you're the best Gui0007!!

Thanks bruh! :D

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