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kung fu femenist


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  • 9 months later...


-Nothing new added to this, it's just the standard Kung Fu Man with epilepsy triggering sprites for his character select screen, in game his outfit's blue and so is a bit of his hair

-The only part of this character that has to do with feminism (Which by the way, doesn't represent what so ever the concept of feminism :angry1: srsly tho, it don't yo ) is his basic intro (Of Joel from Vinesauce) saying "RAPE" and his taunt going "I want an expansion."



Basically, no reason to leave a hate comment / rant on this title-bait character.

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1 hour ago, ᵇʳᵒᵏᵉᶰᵈᶤᶻᶻʸ™ said:

And why bother posting feedback on an already stated joke character that's been released 9 months ago?


I said "No reason to leave a hate comment"


I didn't leave a long rant, just gave feedback and called it title-bait


I'd really rather not let this linger on too our opinions on equal rights for women and such, as for nine months, I dunno. Thought that if someone were to be scrolling through the edits they'd find this and (depending on the person) start a turf war worse then the Beefs and Cripples. Anyhow, I do appreciate your misinterpretation of my intentions, lets me clear up anything I left out  :goodmood:

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