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[Dragoball(Cooler Edit)llabogarD] The Universe Emperor


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By Merufimu

This one is my top 10 char of almost creation...

He's pal have 12.... 

Here's the option from 7th pal:

- 7th Pal is Frieza mode => Frieza

- 10th is Not-Most cheap pallete, you can say he with the aura and power charge by self => Cooler

- 11th is Meta-Cooler(begi of the cheap is in pal 11) => Meta-Cooler

- 12th is Most cheapest pallete, he's cannot be defeated by normal char 'çause... ( I didn't know he use the %n for Cooler or what) => Cheapest Cooler (With Orochi stance[it's very fun one])]

[Warning] It may be broke if you choose pal 12

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